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In researching the original Lillian Goodman article we uncovered another photo and some other information which we post below. First the photo taken in 1941.

Mrs Jack Oakie
Iskandar Of Kandahar andr
Ch Barberryhill Dolly
Afghan Hound Times - photo Iskandar Of Kandahar, Barberryhill Dolly, Venita Oakie (Oakvarden)

Accompanying the above photo are these words penned by Phyllis Robson the famous "Dog World" reporter - "The charming here portrayed is one of the keenest devotees of the Afghan, and her Oakvarden hounds are fearlessly shown This year she has won Best In Show three times, once with the lovely Ch Barberryhill Dolly and twice within eight days with her recently imported bitch Ch Westmill Natanz. Mrs Oakie is a very enthusiastic fancier and Hon Sec. Of the Beverly Hills Kennel Club. She is a judge in the breed and is tireless in her efforts on behalf of the cult of the Afghan Hound.
Phyllis Robson, 1941

The dog on the left is Iskandar Of Kandahar, bred by Amelia White in New Mexico. Iskandar was a cream dog born on 1/17/1936. First of all the pedigree, then we'll continue the discussion about Iskandar

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Amanullah of Kandahar Ch Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf Bm
Sonee Bm
Zahera of Prides Hill Westmill Omar Danenda of Ghazni
Surkh of Ghazni
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Shireen of Ghazni
Zara of Prides Hill Westmill Omar Danenda of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Surkh of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Shireen of Ghazni Malik of Ghazni
Rani of Ghazni

Well, I guess my (Steve Tillotson) first question is why Mrs Oakie didn't use Iskandar in her breeding program. We find no offspring from this dog. Originally the dog was bred and owned by Amelia White, then she was sold/transferred to Mrs Oakie.

Here's a snippet from the AKC Gazette -

"American Kennel Club, - 1938 - Best of Winners— King Tut of Prides Hill, Mrs. J. Oakie. Dogs Puppy (6 and under 9 months) — 1, Khan of Kuhsan, Mrs. NR Hitchcock. Amer.-bred — 1, Iskandar of Kandahar, Mrs. J. Oakie. Limit— 1. King Tut of Prides Hill, Mrs. T. Oakie; 2, .""

Where you can see Mrs Oakie exhibited Iskandar at a show as early as 1938 . Here's another snippet.This time from Country Life magazine.

"Country life: Volume 81 1941 - Second place in the open class was taken by Iskandar of Kandahar, an excellent hound bred by Mrs. Jack Oakie and owned and ... Other winners were Mrs. Margaret Holmes' Monte in the novice class; Robert Thomas's Iskandar of Kandahar, ..."". The snippet is incomplete but it clearly states "Robert Thomas's Iskandar Of Kandaharm, so it appears that Iskandar was with a new owner by 1941

Moving on from dogs, a little bit of sad news - Billboard Magazine 1948 - Venita Vardon Oakie (wife of Jack Oakie), was killed in the plane crash with Earl Carroll)) at Mt Carmel, PA on June 17, 1948. Just to continue the personal bio info a bit. By 1948 Mrs Oakie and Jackie Oakie had divorced. The Earl Carroll mentioned above was quite a well know showbiz character - Life Magazine in Feb 1944 reported that "Earl Carrol, whose dunking of an unclad showgirl in a bathtub of champagne once made him considerable trouble". Apparently Earl Carroll also considered himself a "world authority on pretty girls". Mrs Oakie was quite a party girl too. Apparently when she held a party at her house, as guests entered, they were handed a glass of Vodka and told to drink it down all in one go. Apparently to loosen up the guests and get them in a party mood. Those (1930's) were the days...
Steve Tillotson, Dec 2011

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