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Nerone Of Pommel Rock
(By Steve Tillotson Jan 2016)

Nerone of Pommel Rock INDIA Nerone of Pommel Rock

Nerone Of Pommel Rock Pedigree
Afghan Hound Times India Article, Nerome of Pommelrock UK

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Nerone Of Pommelrock (Ardmor Anthony x Shelia Beg) whelped 5/5/1934, bred in India by Sgt H G Bennett, exported in 1939 to Mrs Lynde-Selden (Pommel Rock Afghan hounds, USA). Nerone Of Pommelrock was the product of a brother sister mating. Nerone is behind the Pommelrock line in the pedigree of Ali Kyber, a very prolific stud. Ali Khyber is behind Khanhasset Ginger Of Grandeur a very important hound in the Grandeur kennel. The Khanhasset Ginger lines were eventually bred (via Mahdi Of Grandeur) back to the Umberto and Oakvardon lines which are in the pedigree of the BIS Westminster Afghan Hound - Shirkhan Of Grandeur. So, undeniably, Umberto and Nerone made a significant contribution to the development of the breed in the USA.

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