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(B A Hyland Afghan Hound Painting)
(By Steve Tillotson April 2010, 2017)

UPDATE 7/21/10 W D DRURY 1903 REFERENCE (via (Jess Ruffner-Booth)

We received further information about the hounds in the Hyland painting from Jess Ruffner-Booth ( - According to "British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation",by W. D. Drury, 1903, the pictured dogs are Muckmul and Mooroo II, imported by Major Mackenzie. (Thank you Jess for the info)


Michael Canalizo informs us - This work has been in the Grandeur collection for decades and belongs to the Rechler estate. Michael has kindly offered to obtain and post a color photo of the painting which hangs in the front hall at the Rechler estate. We have received the coloured photo, posted below, Thank you Michael

UPDATE 7/24/2017 ABOUT THE ARTIST (Via Lyall Payne)

We have received the following additional information from Lyall Payne - Benedict Angel Hyland was born in Hastings, Sussex, England in 1858. His father was a coal merchant while he became an artist, specialising in animal, particularly dog, portraits. He moved around a lot but settled into London Road, Forest Hill, Lewisham from around 1908. At the age of 52 he married Beatrice Irene Selby and was still living in Forest Hill, when at the age of 75 he fell in front of a train engine at Sydenham St, Station, London and was killed, in 1933. I've re-visited this material I have posted about B A Hyland. I have visited multiple documents a sighted electronic copies of originals and am confidant that all the above information I have given about BA Hyland is correct. The spelling of his middle name though should be Angell. His sister Agnes who I mentioned was Agnes Angell Hyland. His mother was Frances Lucy Angell. Hence the source of the unusual name and possibly why he was considered a female artist. His sex in every census from 2.5 years in 1861 to 1911 is always male! His mother appears to have had a four year old daughter Nellie when she married Walter George Hyland and then many years later he had a younger sister born called Nelly. There are many Hylands of both spellings and it can be short for Eleanor and also for Ellen .. and a name of its own too !! So tracing what became of older Nellie is not easy. But it was not uncommon back then to name a child after a deceased sibling. Perhaps she was an artist too!! I have matched this data to electoral rolls, marriage details, newspaper clippings... he had a store in London and was once robbed by three teenage boys of hundreds of post cards. In 1911 he called himself a picture framer rather than artist as he did as a 23 year old. Perhaps his shop was his bread and butter by then... and hence the change but associated occupation. His father likewise gave variations on merchant from coal to china! His will and other documentation about Benedict Angell Hyland make me confidant in the above detail.

Iit is interesting that the artist had some knowledge or sight of the breed in the 1880's. Hutchinsons Enclycopedia Of The Dog (1935) includes a photo (below) of an Afghan Hound from the 1880's. This Afghan Hound is named Rajah II and was owned by Mr F Carter in England, bred by Mr .

Hutchinsons Enclycopedia Of The Dog (1935) includes a photo (below) of an Afghan Hound from the 1880's. This Afghan Hound is named Rajah II and was owned by Mr F Carter in England. I''m still pondering how B A Hyland would have had sight of, or knowledge of The Afghan Hound 30-40 years before the founding imports (Ghazni and Bell Murray) arrived in the west (England). Perhaps Hutchinsons gives us a clue. It seems to me there is quite a similarity between the Hyland painting and this photo from Hutchinsons. Maybe Hyland painted her Afghan Hounds after having seen an early photograph?

Rajah II (Roostam x Motee) Whelped December 1883
(Painting by Hyland)
Breeder T R Tufnell Owner Mr F Carter

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