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By Steve Tillotson
Afghan Hound Breed Information Exchange, March 1999
Updated March 2010

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Shown below is the pedigree of the Firang and Rose litter. This pedigree reflects the history of the Branwen breeding programme and contains the ancestor links to the original Grandeur Afghans which formed the foundation of the Branwen's. Diablo of Grandeur is in the fourth generation, the Branwen foundation bitch Kushtar Of Grandeur is off the pedigree as she is back in the fitth generation.

Pedigree of
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Branwen Firang Branwen Sheen Tanfaan Branwen Sheen Karim Branwen Kadar
Branwen Karuna of Grandeur
Turkuman Mogel Rose Spartan of Grandeur
Turkuman Nissim's Halfagrass
Branwen Malini Branwen Kadar Am Ch Cammak's Pa'yunga of Grandeur
Torka El Haiwa of Grandeur
Branwen Sheen Sundari Am Fr Ch Diablo of Grandeur
Turkuman Mogel Rose
Branwen Laurel Rose Sp Ch Huilaco's Kabir Am Ch Dic Mars Silver Satin Am Ch Dic Mars Candlelight
Am Ch Akaba's Devil May Care
Int Ch Huilaco's Akabas Diddi Am Ch Khalife of Grandeur
Akaba's Raven of Sanallah
Branwen Fawzia Branwen Sheen Tanfaan Branwen Sheen Karim
Turkuman Mogel Rose
Branwen Malini Branwen Kadar
Branwen Sheen Sundari

Before we move onto more modern times, let us look at some of the ancestors and relatives of many of the Afghans in this pedigree

(Photo on the left is of Branwen Firang. The group photo in the centre shows, standing Sumava's Fawzia (photo copyright Rafa Lanz, Jatabe Afghan Hounds, Spain) , laying centre is Sumava's Firang Souvenir, laying right is Shahrana of Grandeur. Photo on the right (From "Our Afghans" magazine) shows Branwen Kadar)

Returning to the Firang/Rose litter, three littermates are of particular interest: Branwen Sheen Kismet - went to Chahcheran in the UK/France, Branwen Sheen Kabuli - went to Sumahari in the UK, Sumava Branwen Kazak - went to Sumava in Spain

Here's a couple of photographs of two from this litter

(Photo left from Sue Virgo archives of Branwen Sheen Kabuli at 10 years of age.
Photo right by Bev Ward (Chahcheran) of Branwen Sheen Kismet)

The French breeder, Mrs Bev Ward (Chahcheran) originally established her kennel in the UK and then moved to France in the late 1980's taking several of her hounds with her. Prior to moving to France, Mrs Ward had obtained Branwen Sheen Kismet At Chahcheran and had incorporated these Branwen lines into her breeding program.

The littermate Branwen Sheen Kabuli At Sumahari was obtained by Mrs Sue Virgo (Sumahari, UK). Mrs Virgo also imported the Spanish bred dog Sumava's Hdjab At Sumahari who was a grandson of Kismet's sire Sumava Branwen Kazak. Before Mrs Ward moved to France, she also incorporated Hdjab lines into her breeding programme, thus reinforcing the Branwen bloodlines

Mrs Ward mated her Sumava/Branwen linebred dog Chahcheran Rivesaltes with her outcross bitch Chahcheran Aigle Royal (Swedish Import Alphaville's Sweet Talking Romeo at Chahcheran x Branwen Sheen Kismet At Chahcheran) which produced the dog Chahcheran Inditu. Three puppies from two seperate litters sired by Inditu were exported to the USA early in 1999. At this point it might be helpful to view a pedigree to illustrate the connections between Chahcheran, Sumahari, Sumava and Branwen as well as revealing the back pedigree of Grandeur;

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Chahcheran Aigle Royal N (imp) Alphaville's Sweet Talkin Romeo at Chahchera Swe Ch Chapeau Claque Forbidden Lover Nord Ch Chapeau Claque Explosion
Nord Ch El Khyrias Forbidden Love
Alphaville's Banana Bliss Nord Ch Scanorama's Scanscope
Branwen Sheen Kismet at Chahcheran Branwen Firang Branwen Sheen Tanfaan
Branwen Malini
Branwen Laurel Rose Sp Ch Huilaco's Kabir
Branwen Fawzia
Chahcheran Rivesaltes Sumava's Hdjab at Sumahari Sumava's Firang Souvenir Sumava Branwen Kazak
R'faraz De Tchekara
Shahrana of Grandeur Am Ch Blu Shah of Grandeur
Fantasia of Grandeur
Branwen Sheen Kismet at Chahcheran Branwen Firang Branwen Sheen Tanfaan
Branwen Malini
Branwen Laurel Rose Sp Ch Huilaco's Kabir
Branwen Fawzia

The interplay between Sumahari, Sumava, Chacheran is apparent in the above pedigree, with Branwen bloodlines being entirely pivotal to the development of all three kennels. The third littermate Sumava Branwen Kazak is of additional interest. Kazak was mated with the bitch R'Faraz De Tchekara and this produced Sumava's Firang Souvenir, an important Afghan in the development of the Spanish Sumava kennel.

A mating of Kazak with Shahrana of Grandeur (Branwen breeding back into Grandeur lines) produced the bitch Sumava's Sheen Shahzak Of Grandeur which appears in the Jatabe pedigree behind one of the recent exports to the USA. This same breeding produced Turkhana Of Grandeur who is the dam of the influential dog Triumph Of Grandeur which we mentioned earlier.

Let's move on to the third page and learn about the latest generation of Afghans arising from the Grandeur/Branwen circle..

Copyright(c) 1999 Steve Tillotson

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