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Marion Florsheim
13 June 1902 - 20 July 1976
Five Mile Afghan hounds USA,

(By Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne Jan 2016)

Just a few photographs on this page (still under development)

Dogs in Canada August 1945 DOGS N CANADA MARION FLORSHEIM 1945

Kennel Review Feb 1943 Kennel Review Feb 1943 Marion Florsheim

Marion at the Aviator Training Academy (left) and with Rana of Chaman (right) Kennel Review Feb 1943 Marion Florsheim

The photo on the left, above , taken 11th August 1941 shows Capt William G Gregory a member of a formost U.S. Government approved staff of instructors, demonstrating a plane movement to Abert Florence (shipping clerk) Marion Florsheim (Aviatrix and Afghan hound breeder) and Patricial Ellis (stage and screen star), three of the enrollees from all walks of life, at the Aviation Training Academy, the first Government approved school of its kind in New York City. (Acme News Agency). The photo on the right, above depicts Marion with Ran Of Chaman of Royal Irish. The caption highlights the fact that Marion designed the flying suit she is wearing.

Marion and Rudika at Curtis Publishing 1944 Marion and Rudika a Curtis Publishing

Marion Judging Marion Florsheim

Marion Exhibiting Marion Florsheim

Kay Finch and the Rudiki Bronse Marion Florsheim

to be continued..........

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