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Kay Finch (1903 - 1993)
Crown Crest Afghan Hounds USA
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Kay Finch Judges Manchester Championship Show UK, 1968
(by Steve Tillotson, 2014 extended 2015)

Kay Finch ceramic 5 hounds

Kay Finch judging Manchester Championship Show, England, 1968
and attracting a then world record entry of 201 hounds (253 entries) KAY FINCH judging Manchester Show UK 1968 full report and photos
L-R - Les Bridges with new Champion Wazir Of Desertaire, Mrs Etheridge with Ch Takabbor Golden Eagle, Kay Finch (centre)
Stephanie Hunt-Crowley with Chandhara Ghaland's Talisman Of Camri, Mrs Jo Holden-Ereira with Ch Ranjitsinhji Of Jagai

Manchester Championship show is one of the prestige dog shows in the UK. It usually takes place in March each year, it is the first Championship show after Crufts and is therefore seen by many as the season-opener. An appointment to judge such an important show is a high honour and the fact of the record entry is a huge compliment to Kay Finch and the high esteem for her in the UK.

Several years earlier an American hound - Ch Wazir of Desertaire (a son of Kay Finch's famous Am Ch Crown Crest Mr Universe) and who was bred by the Buchannan's of Desertaire (USA) had been imported into the UK by Sheila Devitt (Carloway) and Claire Race (Rifka). Wazir was later transferred to Mr. Bridges (Wazirs) who owned and campaigned him. A week prior to the Manchester show, Stephanie Hunt-Crowley (Chandhara, UK, CAN, USA, France) (then still resident in England) wrote about Wazir in the Northern California Afghan Hound Club Newsletter -. Stephanie wrote that Stanley Dangerfield, the famous English all-rounder judge has been quoted as saying that Wazir is the most unlucky dog in the country in not having obtained his title. Stephanie in her notes commented "Incidentally, I am sure Kay Finch must have seen Wazir before he left the U.S. because he was imported by Clair Race and Sheila Devitt who had already got Crown Crest Zardeeka from her in whelp to Mr Universe. Unfortunately Deeka lost her litter and I understand that Kay found Wazir for them so that they would still have Mr U's breeding. It will be interesting to see what Kay thinks of Wazir at Manchester Ch show next week where she is judging the Afghan classes.

Kay wrote a show report and critique of each exhibited she placed, as is the requirement at UK dog shows, so we are fortunate to have a record of her thoughts on the English Afghan hounds. Her report is especially valuable because just about every important kennel of the day entered this show under her. Kay's report follows -

Manchester Championship Show - Afghan Hounds by Kay FInch

My trip to England was something I shall never forget. The Manchester Dog Show Society is called the Northern Classic and rates second to Crufts. A two day benched show with 5910 dogs this year, an increase of 800 dogs form last year. I was flattered to receive a world record entry in Afghan Hounds, a total of 201 dogs making 253 entries. Class average was 20 dogs. I started judging at 1.15. an entry of 58 Salukis. My first thrill was seeing 28 Puppy Dogs in the ring together. They were beautiful, from 6-12 months. Typical, some played like a monkey, others just enjoyed being there and not a single one was out of condition. Quite a job to grade them. The older puppies rated best.

PUPPY DOG (6-12 Months) - 28 ENTRIES
1ST Hattrells Khinjan Lorcah, is very promising, 6 month apricot. Gorgeous head and well put down and handled

2ND Zarakhan Solario, owned bred, Mrs Mitchel can be proud of him with strong rear quarters and good feet. B/M apricot, A perfect tail with ring

3RD Harrison's Zahedan Bamboozle. He was rough and houndy. Excellent head. Good big feet. Tail could be better

1ST Khanabad Blue Pirate owned by Mrs Kinread and bred by M. Niblock. This chinchilla yearling had perfect confidence - sound, typical, gorgeous coat of rare blue shading. Expressive dark almond eye and handled expertly. He will be hard to beat.

2ND Heath's Harlem of Davlen. Black masked silver blonde dog, good level topline and heavy coat. Black tip on tail

3RD Horningsea Kabundi Bhai bred by Mrs Dods and put down to perfection. His head is refined and terrific. This black masked apricot did not care to put his tail up and seemed too placid for his age group, a bit soft on topline

1ST Schofield's Alyshan Beau-Geste. Black and tan, type from head to tail, coat of silk. Refined in head. Nicely chiselled Roman nose, level topline, well let down in hocks, with big feet and beautiful movement.

2ND Heath's Harlem of Davlen. This quite nice houndy youngster romped off with another second placing

3RD Prestcott's Shah Jehan of Kushra . Steady moving, black and tan, excellent rear action. Refined in head, light eye.

1ST Mitchell's Zarakhan Riffari. A great and arrogant houndy red. Showed me "pride of race" which I demand from a good one. Reachy gate, strong yet refined type. I liked him

2ND Alyshan Beau-Geste. Takes another top placing. Glad to see dark eyes on this black and tan.

3RD Kinread's Haibak of Hazuki. Another good houndy mover with well laid back shoulders. Refined head and heavy coat. I was impressed with this really good black and rich tan colour

1ST Hupka-Kershaws Sabu Barakzai of Fartonia. "Another Taejon" - medium sized exotic and rare black mask shaded silver colour. Beautifully cared for silky coat, the same colour as the late Blue Arabis. Would like to own this one

2ND King's Ahmed Khan Tajallu. Sizeable black and tan, reachy, good angulation, nice mover

3RD Stretten's Hussef of Shanshu. Red dog, a bit plain faced but balanced and well put together. Rich red coat

1ST Bridges Wazir of Desertaire. Black masked silver, an image of the great ones in full bloom. Looked the part. His showmanship and desire to win was obvious. I admired his expression, coat and quality the moment I looked at him.

2ND Ethridges Ch Takabbor Golden Eagle; Impressive black masked red. Very big and powerful and houndy. A thrill to see. Balanced structure. Foreface a bit heavy with short rough hair.

3RD Hunt-Crowley's Chandhara Ghaland's Talisman of Camri. This brindle impressed me with his elegance and lovely head and gorgeous eye. Nice condition and holding his age well. Sorry he tired when gaiting, lacking the desire to challenge.

In the challenge for the dog certificate, I was surrounded by riches in this entry of unbeaten dogs. The impact of having these wonderful beauties before me gave me a thrilling experience. I awarded the CC to Bridge's Wazir of Desertaire. He hit me the first moment I saw him. Here stood the handsome, poised kingly Afghan hound in full bloom and maturity, a black masked image of great ones of the past. Whether standing still or moving out he showed the desire to win and to please. Impeccable ring manners, his quality and soundness are undeniable. Impressive in size, structure and colouring. His expression and rich pigment is beautiful to see. He looked like a champion hound should, enriched by his maturity. It gave me great pleasure to award him his CC and Best of Breed. So beautifully groomed and shown, reflecting the pride of ownership of his handler. A very popular win according to the ring side applause. Reserve CC winner Ch Takabbor Golden Eagle.

1ST McSkimmings Bountiful Lady of Shamastra. Very typey black masked red. Small but perfect carriage and style to burn. Black ringed tail set and held perfectly. Hard to deny

2ND Etheridge's Takabbor Golden Rhani. Owner handled. Sizeable houndy bitch with good length of legs, width of croup and hipbones. Should be a fine producer of quality. A little awed by the large ring

3RD Walkden's Alyshan Rosamund . Fuzzy faced black masked red with dense coat. Touchy but playful as well, attractive and desirable, settled down later on.

1ST Real's Nakora Candida of Fartonia. Feminine black masked red, lovely to watch gaiting. True to type with hipbones showing, something we must not lose in our uniquely build breed

2ND Baster/Niblock's Khanabad Blue Pearl. Bred and handled by Miss Niblock. Exotic silver blue colour reminding me of my Egypt's Echo. Feminine, highly refined, a bit close in rear. Very pretty silken coat of good texture, a bit short on foot furnishings.

3RD Race's The Millionairess from Rifka; Black masked red with rich pigmentation. Houndy and excelled in croup and hips. A bit heavy in skull for a bitch, will take time to chisel out and finish.

1ST The Millionairess from Rifka

2ND Lowebridge's Miyasht Chare Toqmar; Nice brindle with good headpiece who was just beaten in gait and hindquarters.

3RD Rhode's Ghazni Sarasya. Black masked golden, typey, nice expression and quite stately.

1ST Millington's Shanta-Anna; Pretty black masked silver blonde in nice condition with good neck, closely contested by the black who went 2nd.

2ND Morgan's Ranjita of Kushra. a black beauty with good head and quarters but light eye.

3RD Hammerburgh's Rakaposhi of Kethligarne. Black masked red very typey and feminine with long head. She carried herself beautifully but too thin.

1ST McClark's Mahzada of Shanshu; Reachy gaiting black and tan. Excellent condition. Good mover with good tail carriage. 2 years old

2ND Allen's Kalbikhan Kabella; Typey rich red, rather thin, not in condition of the winner

3RD Brown's Shireen of Sacheverell; Black masked silver blonde. Lovely to see but a bit heavy in the skull

1ST Race's Ch Rifka's Musqat D'rar; Black masked red, a standout. Rich in colour and black shadings, perfect head carriage, dark almond eye with the true gaze hound look. True moving and showing with high style. Proper croup and hipbone assembly. Well coated and in full bloom with big feet. A very desirable bitch who won easily as she has perfect symmetry. She won her 12th CC and I predict she will be even better next year

2ND Dod's Ch Horningsea Kayacci; Another lovely exhibit showing her proud bloodlines. Black masked golden of balance and poise. Her unusual happy manner of laughing at the judge is noticeable. Top knot profuse, nice head and eye and quality throughout. High spirited with ringed tail carried high. Feet not as large as I would like nor coat pattern as well developed as winner and her hipbones were too well covered.

3RD Hattrell's Trailalway Nunez. Impressed me. Feminine, lovely red coat of silk. Beautifully presented. reserve in this class Brook and Swallow's black mask golden Ch Bondor Serenade.


The challenge for Bitch Certificate was exciting. Clarke's Mahzada of Shanshu pressed hard. She seemed tough and able to perform. A bit long in body, nice tail with ring, light eye a bit round. Competently handled by owner

Ch Horningsea Kayacci, with Best of Breed, Bridge's Wazir Desertaire.

The Brace Class was won by Mrs Kinread's well matched black and tans.

My grateful thanks to the very efficient ring stewards, Ruth Harrison, George Masters and Major J L Houghton, who helped me get through this marvelous world record entry of 201 Afghans which took five hour to judge


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