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Dellire Afghan Hounds, USA

Dr and Mrs. Harry G Marxmiller

( By Steve Tillotson August 2013)

The first two Dellire litters (whelped 7/17/1938 and 9/04/1939) were the product of breedings between Ch Fatima's Son Tufan Khan x Dura Of Prides Hill. A bitch from the Dellire first litter - Kabba Shiloah of Dellire went to the Oakvardon kennel where she produced litters sired by Oakvardons English import Westmill Razuran

Dellire Litter
Afghan Hounjd Times - photo Dr Marxmiller litter

In early 1941 Dr Marxmiller imported the black and tan bitch Ku Mari Of Dellire (Ramy x Kala Of Chaman) , bred by Viola Feldon (KU Afghans, Canada) and who produced two litters for Dellire. This was a slight shift away from the Fatima lines, it introduced the UK Chaman lines into the breeding program and reinforced the Prides Hill lines at Dellire

In 1942 Dr Marxmiller used the external stud dog Rheta's Rajah Of Royal Irish on his homebred bitch Jehanara Of Dellire. This increased the lines back to Badshah and the Prides Hill foundations. A red black mask bitch from this litter - Fatima Of Dellire produced several litters for Dr Marxmiller durihg the mid 1940's, invaribly mated to Dellire stud dogs. So it seems that by the mid 1940's Dr Marxmiller had settled on a type that had moved slightly away from the Ch Fatima's Son Tufan Khan lines and more towards the Prides Hill lines. The kennel continued up to the beginning of the 1950's, here is a pedigree from their final litter whelped 12/20 1950 -

A bit of trivia, or an oddity anyways - Dr Marxmiller bred a litter of 9 puppies by Baku of Dellire x Fatima Of Dellire which whelped 9/12/1947. The odd thing is that none of the litter carried the Dellire affix, even though they were bred by, and mostly owned by Dr Marxmiller. The kennel was active from 1937 through 1950. We read in the Phyllis Robson article on page 1 that for health reasons Dr Marxmiller was thinning out his stock in 1940. Dellire bred around a dozen litters during the lifetime of the kennel, of which the majority were born after 1940, another oddity?

Kay Finch (Crown Crest) owned the bitch Mikai's Sisstah Of Janda which has the dog Ala Baba Of Dellire in the third generation of her pedigree. Kay Finch did bred from Sisstah thus continuining the remnants of Dellire lineage into the decade of the 1960's. I haven't yet found any particular impact of Dellire upon the breeding history of the breed, but then Dr Marxmiller only claimed to be a hobby breeder, albeit it, quite a volume hobbyist? We mentioned earlier Kabba Shiloah of Dellire who went to the Oakvardon kennel and figured in their early breeding program, but these Oakvardon lines were not mainstream so the Dellire influence didn't travel much beyond the one breeding at Oakvardon.

Dr Marxmiller (Dellire) left, Caroline Hall Richmond (Fatima) right
Afghan Hounjd Times - photo Dr Marxmiller and friends

The impact of Dellire is perhaps more of a supportive nature rather than that of a major bloodline contribution to the breed. Dellire started out in that first decade when the Afghan hound first arrived in the USA. Dr Marxmiller's busy (hobby) involvement and experience with those early breedings may well have encouraged others to join the breed as well as his endeavours giving visibility to the then new breed. We should note and acknowledge that Dr Marxmiller had early Prides Hill lines, he used imported Fatima (India/Afghanistan) lines, he imported a Canadian line, so he was quite adventurous in developing his Dellire bloodlines. From the few photographs we have, it seems that Dr Marxmiller was not a young man when he got into the breed, so credit to him for his energy and enthusiasm in helping get the breed established in the USA

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