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Afghan Hounds,UK
Colonel T S and Mrs O Couper
(by Steve Tillotson 2014)
(article extended/updated Jan 2015)
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6.1 GSD

Distemper 1924 - The Coupers were unfortunate in 1924, on the eve of the big local show at Dundee, they had to withdraw due to Distemper at their GSD kennels. Mrs Couper was a Honourary Vice President of the Dundee Dog Show.

Press item re Distemper at Garrymhor 1924 Press - distemper atA Garymhor

6.2 GSD Article by Mrs Couper

Article on the GSD by Mrs Couper, 1927 Garrymhor/Couper GSD Article 1927

6,3 Mrs Couper handling her GSD 1927

Mrs Couper handling her GSD 1927
htp:// Couper Garrymhor handling GSD 1927


We mentioned previously that Mrs Couper was involved with Saluki and GSD's before Afghan hounds. Below is a press cutting from 1928 mentioning the establishment of her Saluki Kennel Garrymhor Saluki's

Mrs Couper's foundations in Saluki involved Sarona (Brigadier Lance, breeder) bloodlines. Mrs Couper commenced breeding from this foundation and other hound people , including Ms Doxford (Ruritania Afghans, Salukis, Deerhounds, Borzois) owned and exhibited Garrymhor Saluki's in the 1920's.

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