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Edna Carlton, Afghan Hounds UK
(By Steve Tillotson/Lyall Payne, 2013, Updated June 2015)

Edna Carlton and Afghan hounds at Crufts 1934

1. Bio Info on Edna Carlton by Lyall Payne

Edna Kate Carlton was from Eastern Europe and lived in Argentina before arriving in England in January 1932. Four months later she acquired the 14mth old Firdausi of Geufron from Paddy Drinkwater. She also acquired Safiya from Alice Simmons (Safiya and her brother Amanullah were to go on to Molly Sharpe). Safiya was an important foundation for the Chaman Afghan hounds. It seems Edna had cause to go out to Australia, leaving Firdausi and Safiya with Irene Jesse who was living with her father, Harry at 'Mont Bretton', in Temple Road, Epsom in Surrey, England. AHI Pam Croft - The AHI has Irene as Mrs I A Jesse (should be Miss Irene Albertine Jesse). She did marry (in 1935) - which is probably why Safiya went to Molly - her husband (17 years her junior) was Colin Drummond Roe and together they bred the Ghanistan Afghan hounds in Kennel Lane, Fetcham, Surrey.

Colin Drummond Roe (spouse of Edna Carlton) Photo Colin Drummond Roe (spouse of Edna Carlton)

Edna returned from Australia on 10 February 1933. Irene's father had died so Edna moved in, joining her dogs again as did Irene's niece, Stella. Irene kept Udiapur from the litter she raised for Edna (without Udiapur there would be no Carloway). Litter sister Morita would produce Turkoman Bamboo before leaving in whelp for Australia, brother Ch Chota Sahib would move from Edna to Mrs Bhanubandh (of the Thai Royal Family) and the Azura kennels while Edna's Ch Chankidar would produce Omar of Fortworth for Mrs Farrell in the US.

Edna Carlton and Hounds, Crystal Palace 1933 PHOTO Edna Carlton and Hounds, Crystal Palace 1933

Edna died in 1985 in Sussex. Irene died in Gloucestershire in 1975. Colin served in the Royal Air Force in WW2 and she and Colin divorced. He went on to become an author and international expert on aquarium plants. Together they had also bred Alsations (German Shepherds). He died in Staffordshire in 1981.

2. Some Photographs of Edna Carlton with comments by Lyall Payne

Edna Carlton and three of her Afghan hounds
(Dundee Courier, Angus, Scotland February 28 1935/Sunday Post March 1935) Photo Edna Carlton Fortworth Afghan Hounds 1935 Photo Edna Carlton Fortworth Afghan Hounds 1935

(Additional Info on left hand photo above from Lyall Payne) - Mrs Carlton was the only exhibitor with three Afghan hound exhibits at Crufts 1934, details of the exhibits in the photo are -
  • 1. Firdausi of Geufron (Omar of Geufron x Zabana of Kaf)
  • 2. Chota Sahib (Firdausi ex Safiya) (one year old here)
  • 3. Chankidar (litter sister of Chota Sahib) - litter bred by Mrs Carlton
Lyall continues - I believe Firdausi is easily recognised and his son is on the left and daughter Chankidar on the right (Another litter sister Morita was exported to Australia (dam of first NZ afghan Firdausi of Kandahar). These were elegant dogs - movie adds weight to people and dogs - so I expect these were very nice dogs indeed. A Chankidar son - (Omar of Fort Worth (Westmill Tamasar x Chankidar was exported to the USA.)

(Some observations by Lyall Payne) - Edna Carlton is the lady who bred Omar of Fort Worth, Chankidar, Chota Sahib, Morita and she also owned Firdausi of Geufron and Safiya. These hounds above were born just after the photo above was published. Mrs Carlton was probably Molly Sharpe's (Chaman Afghan hounds UK) friend - as Safiya went to Molly (Molly owned Safiya by Dec 1935) and this trip may have been when Safiya was delivered or Molly saw her and said 'I want that'!! I suspect the white dog is Firdausi of Geufron (he was cream). Great eye shape on these dogs "nearly triangular"

We don't think Edna Carlton had a kennel affix, however she bred a famous dog "Omar Of Fortworth". The name "of Fortworth" was added when Omar was exported to Mrs J E Farrell's kennel which was located in Fort Worth, Texas. Omar was important to the Cyann kennels in the USA and you can read more about Omar of Forthworth here

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