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Introduction -There are a number of excellent books on the breed, most of which are parochial, ie they discuss the Afghan Hound in the context of the country in which the book was published. How then do we get a more global view of the Afghan Hound? Well, hopefully, by receiving information from Afghan enthusiasts all around the world, sifting and analysing it and posting it back in a consolidated manner on these pages for all to view and enjoy. As ever I repeat the invitation (request), any information you are able to share will be most gratefully received. Also, if you spot errors please do not hesitate to point them out so they can be corrected.

The List - The following list of countries is not exhaustive and will be added to as information becomes available. Also, its going take some time to build up each countries history. Where history has been included in these pages and is available, the country named will be shown in bold/underlined. There is no particular sequence as to the order in which details are added, its purely arbitary, probably influenced by the editors (Steve) knowledge (or lack of) and the amount of information available.

Acknowledgements I am indebted to a number of people who have provided me with pedigree or registration information over many years. In particular I must mention Robert Ditmars of Houston Texas (USA) for providing complete USA registration details, Barbara Berghausen in Solingen, Germany and Erika Rodde, Katwiga, Germany for providing Belgium, Dutch and German pedigree and registration information. Bev Ward (Chahcheran), latterly of the UK, now resident in France, for copies of early UK registratation information, the UK Kennel Club for filling in the gaps in my registration records. Alain Trenca, France, for pedigree records on Australian Afghans, Lesley Busby, (Wilbus, UK) for details on German Champions, Isobel Dyke (Mirsamir UK), for details on Finnish/Scandinavian Afghans. I apologise to the very many other people for not mentioning them by name but who have also provided information, I remain indebted to them all.

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