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Barukhzy Afghan Hounds (Netherlands)
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(Compiled by Steve Tillotson, 1996, updated 2011 and 2013)

Han Jungeling and Begum Of Cove 1928 PHOTO Han Jungeling and Begum Of Cove 1928

Acknowledgement and thanks - I wish to acknowledge the contribution and express my thanks to the Custodians of the Barukhzy Archives for their invaluable help and information they provided which has made this article/section possible. I also wish to acknowledge and thank Ed Grevelt (Netherlands) for permission to use photographs and information from his publication "The Story of the van de Oranje Manege Kennel, published in May 2002.

Ed Note, UPDATE. In May 2013 we received from the Custodians of the Barukhzy Archives additional rare information and photographs, including an article written in 1928 by Han Jungeling.

(By Jan Jungeling in
"de Hond 1928") ARTICLE Han Jungeling, Barukhzy Afghan Hounds
Kennel Barukhzy is the kennel of the Jungling family in Blaricum, which has enjoyed foreign interest in the past year. Rarely were so many outstanding exemples of different breeds represented in a kennel, as in kennel Barukhzy

Our Afghan Greyhounds or Barukhzy Dogs can do battle with the best English exhibition exemples. Our Begum Of Cove, the famous fawn colored female with black mask, has won three championship prizes. She held her mother duties, for the first time this year a litter of 10 and in the coming season will make their mark.(Ed note, this litter was - Barukhzy litter #1,2/14/1928, a breeding between Dal Kanda of Frizley x Begum of Cove).

The bear in socks - Abdul Of Ghazni, Juegdwinner and winner in 1928, the bear is a distinctive black and red Afghan, who like his father Ch Sirdar, won in 1928 under the four champion show judges, Lord Chr. Houlker, G F Krebs, PMC Toepoel and Huge

Ch. Abdul's red half brother "Nickey" (Ed - Sometimes spelt "Nicky"), which was in November imported by us is, according to an English all-round Judge, better than the best puppy of the same age, that he ever saw. A real tophole puppy. Exactly the match of his father. He will be a champion the first time shown. Afghans are robust, large greyhounds, even faster than Salukis, who are in turn faster than Greyhounds. Proud, courageous greyhounds, highly elegant, aloof and reserved, these are Afghan's. Our kennel always has young Afghans available. (Ed Note, "Nicky" was the nickname for Shahib Of Wahsdarb (Sirdar Of Ghazni x Zarifa Of Ghazni), red bitch, dob 5/6/1928, bred by Mrs I Bradshaw (Wahsdarb) and imported by Mr Jungeling in November 1928).

Barukhzy Foundations

Mr Han Jungeling (Barukhzy, Netherlands) in conjunction with his mother Mrs. Jungeling V D Berg, were the first to import Afghan Hounds into the Netherlands. The first two imports were Dal Kanda Of Frizley (no photo) a fawn dog, born July 1926 bred by Mrs. A B Willan (Frizley) in England, and Begum of Cove, a bitch, born June 1926, bred by Ms Manson in Scotland. Both Afghan Hounds were imported in January 1927. These two hounds were followed six months later by other imports by Mr. Jungeling - Baber Of Baberbagh, red dog born April 1928 bred by Mrs. G S Cannan (Baberbagh) England, Abdul Of Ghazni black dog born 03/03/1927, bred by Mary Amps, England. Nadir Of Ghazni gold dog born October 1929, bred by Mrs. Catherine Law, England, and Shahib Of Wahsdarb, a red bitch born in May 1928 bred by Mrs. Bradshaw (Wahsdarb) England.. A black bitch "Melody" (no photo) born 17/12/1929 bred by Mrs. D Champion (England) completes the list of Barukhzy imports

Photos (where available) of all the aforementioned Barukhzy imports are shown below -

Dal Kanda Of Frizley

Dal Kanda Of Frizley
Begum Of Cove

Begum Of Cove
Baber Of Baberbagh

Baber Of Baberbagh
Shahib Of Wahsdarb

Shahib Of Wahsdarb
Nadir Of Ghazni

Nadir Of Ghazni
Abdul Of Ghazni

Abdul Of Ghazni
Melody (UK)

Melody (UK)
Mrs. Jungeling with (L-R), Baber of Baberbagh
Shahib Of Wahsdarb, Nadir of Ghazni
Mrs. Jungeling with Baber of Baberbagh , Nadir of Ghazni, Shahib Of Whsdarb

Barukhzy Breeding (Breeders)

Below is a summary of the 18 litters bred in the Barukhzy kennels. It is important to note who the "breeder" was as this varied between Mr. Han Jungeling and his mother Mrs. Jungeling V D Berg. The original Jungeling family home was in Blaricum, located in the province of North Holland. The family had a villa there. With the passing of Mr. Jungeling (senior) the family moved to a smaller house in The Hague. Mr. Jungeling (Han) did not live at his mother's house for most of the 1930's or during WWII. For a period Han Jungeling lived in Amsterdam, he did have a couple of hounds when he lived there and he bred one or two litters by himself whilst living in Amsterdam. Our understanding is that Mrs. Jungeling bred through the 1930's but did not breed during WWII. The two wartime litters are attributed to Han Jungeling. It appears that Mrs Jungeling resumed breeding after the war and up to the time of her passing in 1954. Thereafter all Barukhzy breeding is attributable to Han Jungeling.

As a researcher I like to gain an understanding of the what and why's of a kennels breeding program. A particular difficulty in achieving such an understanding of breeding programs of this early foundation era is the complication of "distemper". In her book, Margaret Niblock states that Zardin was transferred from Mr Barff to Mr Shackleton (a dog dealer) and that sometime later all the dogs disappeared in mysterious circumstances (assumed to be due to an outbreak of distemper). Barukhzy suffered outbreaks in their kennel. There were references to the losses in a general show report about 1929 in 'De Hond', and in an article that Mrs. Jungeling wrote herself in 'De Hondenwereld' in 1954 she states: (Sad kennel memories from the years 1929 and 1932).- "And notwithstanding the battle to keep our dogs we lost two of our imports and seven of our homebreds. The desert bitch Begum of Cove (Meta), the mountain dog Abdul of Ghazni (Blackie), three more desert-Afghans, three Salukis and a Cairn Terrier. The first loss was on April 30th 1929, the 9th and last loss occurred on July 30th." The second outbreak (1932) occurred after a show in Luxembourg during the summer. There are no names in the article that describes the 1932 disaster.

I remain somewhat in awe of such pioneers in the breed. For the continental pioneers such as Barukhzy and Vdom who had to import their foundation stock from overseas, develop their kennels, establish their particular type, to achieve this as WWII approached and with the ever present threat of an outbreak of Distemper, in a situation where there were very few Afghan Hounds on the continent (Ms Pauptit, Vdom, for example, had to import Aruna Of Enriallic from Ireland because there were simply no Afghan Hound bitches existent in Holland at that time). The determination and commitment demonstrated by these pioneers deserves to be acknowledged and is very impressive.

Afghan Hound Times Barukhzy Brindle Afghan Hounds

Summary Of Barukhzy Litters

Full details (list of litters, littermates, pedigrees can be found on the next page)

1 Dal Kanda of Frizley x Begum of Cove 2/14/1928 H Jungeling
2 Baber of Baberbagh x Shahib of Wahsdarb 10/5/1930 H Jungeling
3 Nadir of Ghazni x Barukhzy's Soeraya 3/7/1931 Kennel Barukhzy
4 Baber of Baberbagh x Shahib of Wahsdarb 4/18/1933 G Jungeling-van den Berg
5 Baber of Baberbagh x Shahib of Wahsdarb 12/2/1935 G Jungeling-van den Berg
6 Baber of Baberbagh x Shahib of Wahsdarb 8/1/1937 Kennel Barukhzy
7 Baber of Baberbagh x Barukhzy's Kalindi 9/11/1937 Kennel Barukhzy
8 Baber of Baberbagh x Barukhzy's Kalindi 8/22/1938 Kennel Barukhzy
9 Barukhzy's Ajatasattu x Barukhzy's Sadamarika 11/22/1941 H Jungeling
10 Barukhzy's Ajatasattu x Barukhzy's Cullasubhadda (No 2) 11/1/1943 H Jungeling
11 Barukhzy's Bimbisara x Barukhzy's Cullasubhadda (No 2) 3/27/1946 G Jungeling-van den Berg
12 Barukhzy's Dhrstadyumna x Behula van Slehop 7/11/1948 Kennel Barukhzy
13 Barukhzy's Dhrstadyumna x Darwesjan's Mahamaya of the Golden River 3/18/1949 G Jungeling-van den Berg
14 Barukhzy's Bimbisara x Barukhzy's Cullasubhadda (No 2) 6/30/1949 G Jungeling-van den Berg
15 Barukhzy's Bimbisara x Badrouboudour 8/20/1949 G Jungeling-van den Berg
16 B'Pim de Kaboul x Barukhzy's Mandodari 2/28/1956 H Jungeling
17 Nabob van de Oranje Manege x Barukhzy's Srutakirti 6/5/1960 H Jungeling
18 Barukhzy's Barrabas x Mokkeltje van de Zilverstrand 1/30/1967 H Jungeling

Nadir Of Ghazni

Another interesting issue arising from Barukhzy is the minimum use of Nadir Of Ghazni in the Barukhzy breeding program. Nadir was acquired as a 'replacement' for Abdul of Ghazni. Nadir lived to be 10 years of age, and the minimum use of him remains a puzzle, but we will continue to research the question.

Nadir Of Ghazni was used subsequently by a Swiss breeder - Nadir Of Ghazni was bred to another Barukhzy bitch - Baruhkzy's Begum (who is litter sister to Barukhzys Soeraya). That breeding was done by Paul Hausemmann of Sirdar Afghan Hounds in Switzerland. We are still researching this Swiss line, we don't know if Nadir Of Ghazni's ownership was transferred to Paul Hausemmann or whether Baruhkzy's Begum was imported in whelp to Nadir. But the ensuing litter is recorded as being bred by Paul Hausemmann. Barukhzy's Begum was registered in the Dutch studbook with the owner as G van Spijk -Basel . Mr. Hausamann was a well known sighthound judge in Europe, We believe he was active up to at least the 1980's. Begum was born 2/14/1928, and obviously ended up as a puppy or young bitch in Basel otherwise the owner's name would not have appeared in the Dutch studbook.

Baruhkzy's Khan

Barukhzy's Khan
Afghan Hound Times - Barukhzy's Khan (to Vdom)

Barukhzy's Khan from Barukhzy litter #2 is by far the most influential Barukhzy bred. This gold dog went to Ms Eta Pauptit of the Van De Oranje Manege kennel in the Netherlands and produced directly, or indirectly the first 15 litters in the Vdom kennel, either as father (2), grandfather (11) or great-grandfather (2).

A Group of Barukhzy Afghan Hounds C. 1932
A Group of Barukhzy Afghan Hounds C. 1932

Mrs. Jungeling with (L-R)
Baber of Baberbagh
Shahib Of Wahsdarb
Nadir of Ghazni
Mrs. Jungeling with Baber of Baberbagh , Nadir of Ghazni, Shahib Of Whsdarb

Mrs. Jungeling with with Barukhzy Puppy c 1930
Afghan Hound Times - Mrs Jungeling with Barukhzy  Puppy c 1930

Mrs. Jungeling V D Berg and Han Jungeling were the first kennel in Europe (Outside the UK and Ireland) to seriously breed Afghan Hounds. The bloodlines were exported to various other countries and Barukhzy was very important in the development and establish of the breed in Europe.

Barukhzy Breeding History Page
Han Jüngeling Judging LKA Show, England 1930
Photographs, Catalogue, Judges Report

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