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Bayard Warren, Barberryhill Afghan hounds USA
By - Steve Tillotson, May 2012, Jan 2016
(With acknowledgement and thanks to Lyall Payne) PHOTO Bayard Warren Barberryhill Afghan hounds


(Info from Lyall Payne) - Bayard Warren and Q A Shaw Mckean were ‘close’ neighbours (Hull St and Hale St Beverly Mass) (Mckean, Warren). Hull St was Prides Hill (at Prides Crossing, Beverly) and Hale St farm was known as Barberry Hill, became Barberryhill on the dogs, at Beverly). Just as the UK wealthy had their London houses – the Massachusetts rich had homes in Boston. The McKeans were at 205 Commonwealth Avenue and the Warrens had 303. These prominent and ‘old’ families all intermarried at some stage! Bayard Warren got his Bayard from his grandmothers surname (whose sister’s middle name was Stuyvesant, from Peter Stuyvesant – the founder of New York (New Amsterdam). (Thank you Lyall Payne)

Like Q A Shaw Mckean, Bayard Warren was heavily involved in dogdom years before he became involved with Afghan hounds. In fact Warren had achieved Best In Show Westminster in 1924 with his homebred Sealyham Terrier Barberryhill Bootlegger.

Barberryhill Bootlegger BIS Westminter 1924 PHOTO Barberryhill Bootlegger BIS WKC 1924

A connection between Bayard Warren and Q A Shaw Mckean was the "Eastern Dog Club: (Boston). In 1920 Warren was President of the Club, and Mckean was the Vice President .According to newspaper reports, attendance at the 1919 Eastern Dog Club Show was the largest ever recorded at an American dog show. For the 1920 Eastern Dog Club Show, the prize money was doubled and reached USD 10,000 with the prize money to be distributed in 631 classes. The objective of the dog show committee was to "make Boston the greatest prize dog center in America". Mrs Q A Shaw Mckean exhibited (Terriers?) at the 1921 Easter Dog Club show.

Further connections between Warren and Mckean families involved joint travel overseas. In one such trip in the summer of 1921 they travelled to Europe, spending several weeks in England. A newspaper report for August 1921 confirmed the Mckeans were staying in Europe with the Warrens and the two families planned to return home together.

Another (almost) prestige occasion for Bayard Warren was scheduled for 1924 - a visit by Edward Prince Of Wales (future King Of England). The Prince visited the USA in 1924 and his plans included a scheduled visit to Bayard Warren's home. Unfortunatley the Prince "caught a chill" and had to cancel the stop at Bayard Warrens home. Big phooey!

Edward Prince Of Wales planned Visit to Bayard Warren 1924 Edward Prince Of Wale planned Visit to Bayard Warren 1924


Eastern Dog Club Show Results Feb 1921
(Barberryhill and Prides Hill both winners see below) EASTERN DOG CLUB SHOW RESULTS FEB 1921 BARBERRY HILL AND PRIDES HILL


Barberry Hill was the name of Bayard Warrens house and this name became Barberryhill for his kennel name (thanks to Lyall Payne for that info). Bayard Warren's involvement with Afghan hounds started in 1932 when he acquired the Afghan hound puppy (b) Barberryhill Illusive (Westmill Omar x Asra Of Ghazni) which whelped at Q A Shaw Mckean's Prides Hilll kennel. Mckkean did not breed this litter, the registered breeder was George Thomas the internationally famous dog judge and dealer. Thomas had acquired the parents of the litter (Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni) from Zeppo Marx who had imported this breeding pair from England in the Spring of 1932. Due to the Marx brothers movie schedule demands, Zeppo passed them on to Thomas in late 1932. While in the care of Thomas they mated and he introduced them to Mckean who was immediatey captivated and bought them on the spot. A condition of the sale was that George Thomas would be listed as the registered breeder. There were five offspring in the litter -

Amour Of Prides Hill (the dog on the right) owned by Mckean Bayard Warren Barberry Hill first afghan hojnd PHOTO

The full list of littermates -
  • Amour Of Prides Hill (b) owned by Mckean
  • Rajah of Prides Hill (d), owned by Mckean
  • Zara Of Prides Hill (b) owned by Mckean
    (transferred 1936 to Amelia White (Kandahar)
  • Barberryhill Illusive (b) owned by Warren
  • Clorinda (b) retained by Thomas.

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