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Eta Pauptit (1913 - 2008)

Art -Embroidary by Eta Pauptit (Vdom)

Coming as a total surprise to me, I received the above embroidary from Ms Pauptit in 1997. I never had the pleasure of meeting of speaking with Ms Pauptit and don't really know why I was so fortunate to be a recipient of her beautiful gift. My thoughts are - around this time I was working with my dear friend Mieke Engelbos in Belgium who was establishing her website dedicated to the Van De Oranje Manege Afghan Hounds, as founded by Ms Pauptit. I spoke with Mieke after I received the embroidary and Mieke explained that Ms Pauptit was always working on such craft projects. Ms Pauptit would produce an embroidary and then give it away to her friends. I can only conclude that my support of Mieke in developing her Vdom website was brought to the attention of Ms Pauptit who then sent me the gift in appreciation. Whatever the reason is, I am of course absolutley thrilled to have the beautiful piece which I treasure highly and feel very honoured to have received.
Steve Tillotson 2011.

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