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We have a RESULT and the WINNER is Alice Hastings (Fellini) USA. The apple dropped sometime after midnight 3/25 and 5am 3/26 - so 3/26 is the day recorded as its falling. That night we had another rainstorm, so that probably took it down

Thanks to all for participating in this nice bit of silly fun. Congratulations to Alice. was closest and will receive the mystery prize very shortly


****Update 3/20/10 - the apple is still on the tree as of Saturday 20th March
More tips for you -. A friend (Charles Compton) has over 45 varieties of apples in his orchard, I asked him for some tips on how to figure when our apple will drop, here's the points/observations he had....
  • Charles has observed apples staying on his trees as late as July the next year
  • Charles says it depends whether the apple is dry/mummified inside or whether its still wet inside. I can't tell because it's in the neighbors yard and I can't go examine it
  • Charles says hazards to the apple are birds, new season growth on the tree (about to start), and the spring weather. Charles says that here in Grass Valley April will be a pivotal month because we get storm showers (rain and hail). If we get a stong hail shower that likely will knock the apple down

We'll keep you posted, keep the guesses coming. Steve 3/20/10

Below is a photo of a rotten apple hanging from a neighbours tree. Considering we have had one of the worst years for winter storms this year in a long while. (It froze last night and snowed again this morning) I am amazed this apple is hanging out there

So the competiton is this - what date do you think this apple will finally drop from, the tree

And there is a PRIZE for the winning guess. To the winner I will send an item from my collection of historic Afghan collectables - a mystery prize!

Some tips to help you calculate your guess..

  • Today's date is 3/10/10
  • We do not get a spring season in N California, we go from winter to spring overnight. Likely in a few weeks time the weather will cease to be windy, wet and cold and be up in the 65's - 70's
  • The tree is bare of leaves but should start budding up now (other trees in the garden such as Lilac are starting to bud up).
  • The apple is about the size of a snooker ball
  • I don't know the variety of apple, but it is an eating apple (well not right now of course..)
  • Robins and Bluejays are in abundance and hop around the tree - will they knock it off? Ditto squirrels?
  • Link to local weather forecast The Union Newspaper Grass Valley

TO ENTER the competition, simply send an email with your guess to

Rules - none really, but here's the small print.. If the apple survives beyond your initial estimated date you can have another guess. You can change your guess date anytime in advance of the apple dropping. If too many people guess it correct/same date we'll have to have a run off competition. Anybody who creeps around my neighbours garden, looking suspiciously like theyre trying to get the apple to drop on their chosen date should be mindful of the sophisticated security systems in place - The Guard Dog (an Afghan Hound, naturally). The competitons initiator/coordinator (me) is the final arbiter if any disputes arise. As well as the mystery prize the winner will receive the title "Apple Guesser 2010" and hold that title for a year! Think thats about it - good luck!

Good luck!


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