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Welcome to the "Afghan Hound Times" (AHT) website

AHT incorporates its predecessor - "The Afghan Hound Database and Breed Information Exchange" (AHDBIE), which was founded in 1994 by Steve Tillotson (Karesstale Afghan Hounds, UK). Steve moved to California USA in 1999. AHDBIE was the # 1Afghan Hound website for 15 years from November 1994 - June 2009 until AOL closed down Compuserve which originaly hosted AHDBIE.

AHDBIE had a full and busy life and achieved a proud reputation and status as a trusted and authoratative source for information on The Afghan Hound

  • # 1 ranking in the major Internet search engines
  • # 1 Afghan Hound Website and primary reference for Microsoft's Encarta
  • # 1 site for most linked to site
  • # 1 Hub for links to other sites
  • # 1 site for Afghan Hound Pedigree Information
  • # 1 site for Afghan Hound Breed History
  • # 1 site for the width and depth of its coverage on all aspects Afghan Hound
  • # 1 site Internationally

3. THE AHT TEAM - Steve Tillotson and Maralee Nelder

Steve Tillotson
Born in London (UK), moved to Northern California in 1999. Afghan Hound owner, breeder, judge, breed archivist, researcher, author, webmaster. Obtained first Afghan Hound 1974, bred first litter 1989. Articles published in the UK National Canine Press - "Dog World" and "Our Dogs", UK Afghan Hound Year Book, UK Afghan Hound Breed Club magazines, USA breed magazines - "Our Afghans", "Afghan Hound Review", and Australian publication "Afghan Hounds Australasia".

Undertook Judge's training with the Afghan Hound Club Of Wales (UK). Passed Judges training exam with the Southern Afghan Hound Club (UK). Completed Afghan Hound Club Of America (AHCA) Judges Study Group training. Qualified to Judge at Open Show level (UK), Open/Sweepstakes level (USA). Judged Afghan Hounds in the UK and USA. Also Judged Saluki's in the UK.

Co-Developer of (KCBS), the first desktop pedigree software adopted by a National Kennel Club (UK). Co-Developer of pedigree and registration software for the Malta Kennel Club (MKC)

Colaborated with two leading UK Canine Geneticists (Roy Robinson and Dr Malcolm Willis) in the development, validation and implementation of Sewell Wrights "Coefficient Of Inbreeding" as part of the KCBS project. The first canine desktop pedigree software to offer inbreeding analysis

Colaborated with a leading UK Judge, Breeder, Exhibitor of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers into inbreeding levels and origins of Copper Toxicosis. Undertook a study of Irish Setter pedigree history to assist research into health problems and identified a "carrier" having a significant impact within the breed.

Established the first major website (AHDBIE) for the Afghan Hound and assisted/encouraged many other enthusiasts in developing their websites and forums.Web hosted for "Our Dogs" Saluki breed columnist. Web hosted for a Saluki Breed Club (UK). Web hosted for Saluki International (SI) magazine

Publshed "Afghan Hound Awards" (UK), complete list of Challenge Certificate/Reserve winners 1977 - 1996.

Maralee Nelder
Life long resident of California. After many years of being a "cat person", I met my first ever canine family member on New Year's Day, 1992. My heart stopped watching my gorgeous Afghan Hound girl with the world's sweetest disposition. I had no idea at the time that she came from a spectacular pedigree, her father having been a major best of breed winner at Westminster and AHCA shows in the day. I didn't want her to be lonely while I worked, so by March 1992, I got her a friend - a lovely boy from Allison Gray in Sacramento.

(Additional notes by Steve) Maralee contributes to the AHT team with her linguistics skills (Maralee trained in linguistics and speaks 12 languages) and is responsible for document translation, undertakes research, is a great organizer and planner, sanity checks Steves writings (especially re Steve's weird use of the apostrophe), writes excellent show reports. Has learnt the basics of "cricket" including managing the score book (no easy task) and was awarded "spectator of the year" by Davis Cricket Club.

4. AHDBIE The oriiginal "About" statement for AHDBIE dated November 1994 is shown below.

This site is singularly concerned with THE AFGHAN HOUND, and is maintained by Steve Tillotson, Afghan Researcher, Archivist, Author, Breeder, Exhibitor and currently Owner of several Afghan Hounds.

The objective in setting up this Afghan Hound site is to post as much information about the breed as possible, sourced from my information collection, sourced from contributors around the world, made freely available to anybody interested in our breed.

It is hoped that visitors will add to the information collection and help us build an interesting Afghan Hound site. If this site does not have the information you seek, hopefully the links to other sites which we provide will help you find it elsewhere. The Internet helps to bring us all that little bit closer and to share our love and enjoyment of the Afghan Hound. All suggestions and contributions are most welcome. Thank you for visiting.

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